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Center of Defensive Arts

Grandmaster Will Higginbotham //  Tim Raftery //  Professor Leon Jay


Center of Defensive Arts was founded with the sole purpose of teaching its students efficient and effective self defense techniques.  Whether you're young or old, a boy or a girl, man or woman, all can learn and benefit from these skills in a safe and fun atmosphere.  Core values such as courtesy, respect and discipline are stressed throughout our classes.


Center of Defensive Arts teaches Seizon Jujitsu in addition to being the only school certified to teach Small Circle Jujitsu between Indiana and Texas.  Both are comprehensive self defense systems made up of techniques from various martial arts, thereby assuring our training is not one dimensional.  


Center of Defensive Arts has trained employees, friends and families of the U.S. Justice Department, Missouri State Highway Patrol, Franklin County Sheriff's Department, and Chesterfield, Missouri Police Department, as well as hundreds of students from the general public.  Our motto, "We Train Survivors, Not Champions," while in no way is meant to belittle sport martial arts, truly defines our expertise.  

meet the staff


Tim has black belts in the following arts:

Seizon Jujitsu

Small Circle Jujitsu

Kodokan Judo

CODA Jujitsu

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Tim Raftery

Owner and Head Instructor

Drake has a black belt in Seizon Jujitsu, as well as holding rank in Small Circle Jujitsu, CODA Jujitsu, and Shorin-Ryu Karate.


Drake Raftery

Gade holds rank in Seizon Jujitsu, Small Circle Jujitsu, CODA Jujitsu, and Shorin-Ryu Karate.

Gade Raftery



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416 East 5th Street, Washington, MO 63090


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